Face Off for Mens Health

1 NOV 2017 | BY DA VID

For the last few years Curtin have hosted some charity games to raise a few dollars for some good causes.

This Movember we step it up. It’s a battle for the ages… some young whippersnappers who think the old boys are done and dusted… some old blokes who don’t understand what snapchat is and how to use the word lit properly.

Think Joel Woods facing up against Albert Bucchino, Jonathan Ricciardone skipping passed Kye Middleton, Michael Philp winding the clock back… you know you don’t want to miss this!

It’ll be a great day out for club members and an opportunity to a little bit of good while having a lotta bit of fun!

The details:
An over 30’s team of current and ex-Curtin “legends” take on a Bucchino Select.

Date: Sunday the 3rd of December 2017

Time: 4pm kick off.

What Else?: Raffles, food, drinks available, half time heroes, cross bar challenge.

You can donate directly to the clubs efforts here: https://moteam.co/classic-curtin?mc=1


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