Happy New Year – 2018 Start Up Information


Happy New Year to all our new and prospective members. 2018 is upon us and we are ready to get the ball rolling. I am sure you are all thinking the Christmas pudding is still sitting at the base of my belly and I really need to get these legs moving so here is the information about starting 2018.

Firstly for those who just can’t wait… What is going on now:

STATE LEAGUE MENS – Training has started, and we are five weeks from night series. If you want to get in our first team get down ASAP. First reserves and under 18s are all training twice a week.
WOMEN’S, MASTERS, METROS, SUNDAY LEAGUE MEN – The Jumpers for goal posts program is running Tuesday nights 630. It’s just a game so perfect before any hard core training.
JUNIORS – Let’s Play Saturday program is also still running

When will normal operations return:

SUNDAY LEAGUE – Will add a Thursday night session in early Feb
MASTERS & METROS – will move to Wednesday night training Early Feb
WOMEN’S – will move to a Tuesday / Thursday pattern Early Feb
JUNIORS – will depend on each coach and availability, however we will move to full normal operations at Raphael Park as soon as we get full hand over from Cricket. Lots of coaches are making ad hoc bookings to Start earlier.

Until normal operations begin the above programs will keep running so the ball never stops!