Season 2020 Refunds Updated


Updates to this article.

1) The slight change in timelines below. This is due to daily maximums on bank approvals. All payments have been loaded and are being batched starting today.

2) As we have refunded all fees we are asking for small contributions from members who had already have extensive use to make a small voluntary contribution to pre-season as follows
please click the links to pay

$40 Those who trained twice a week from Jan
WNPL, State League and Ams

$25 Thise who trained once a week since feb
Metro and Masters
$0 juniors – had only trained for 1 week

Original Article (with timeline changed)
As previously mentioned the club has decided to make a refund available for fees already paid for season 2020.


1) We recognise our members are going to experience very trying economic times, so refunding money for a service you can’t use is the right thing to do

2) We do not currently know how long the 2020 season will be, this will change the price

3) To those members who were organised and paid early. We thank you and don’t want to disadvantage you


1) We will bulk deregister everyone on This puts the club in a position to get a credit from footballwest and is easiest done in bulk. However, this action doesn’t process the refund. This will happen on 24th march

2) You can log in and accept the deregistration ( a link will be on the email) or if you wait a week it will happen automatically.

Once you are fully de-registered you need to send an email to

The email MUST include:
a) A COPY OF YOUR PAID INVOICE. This was emailed to you with the subject line “Your registration to Football – Pending Approval”
b) The BANK DETAILS for us to do the refund.

Note the email address is not being monitored for questions.

We are putting timelines on this because it’s being driven by volunteers and has a significant manual process, we have also included a dial-in session where you can ask questions if you are having problems. We will also take questions in the comment thread of this article.

TUE 24 MAR – Bulk registrations are done by the club

WED 25 MAR – dial-in webinar on the process. Use this link to join

WED 1 APR – last day to email your invoice and bank details to be included in batch 1.

FRI 3 APR – all correct emails in batch 1 loaded into the bank for refunding

MON 6 – Wed 8th APR – approval of bank payments and release of funds. Due to the large sums approval limits on banks mean it will take a few days of approvals

We are putting all our energy into Batch 1.
Batch 2, if it happens, will involve an extended wait time so if you want a refund PLEASE ACT NOW.

Of course, if you do not wish a refund we thank you for that. Regardless of the length of the 2020 season, you will be considered to have paid. Of course, you can get back in touch with us should the season be cancelled.

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