Prices and Refund Policy


Football is so close we can taste it. however, in less exciting but important news the committee have approved some policies it is important you know about

1) A refund policy to deal with a possible second wave of COVID 19 meaning we have to return to our homes. View it on the below link to understand partial refunds before you buy a new membership.

We were very proud we could refund all those who requested it in April, but unfortunately, we will not be able to do full refunds a second time around.

2) Prices for a reduced season are now online here

The registration system is nearly open and running properly and expect us to announce registrations open in the coming days. The only delay is an IT problem that will stop people who registered previously in 2020 re-registering and that is expected to be fixed this week. If you are not one of those people you can proceed as normal now.

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