Registration is Open


Registration is now open and all products on the system are fully set up at the new reduced prices due to a shorter season caused by COVID 19

How to register is on this link

Some points to answer FAQs 1) If you were previously registered or attempted to register in 2020 it is likely that you have recently got an email about your deregistration or your registration being rejected. Don’t worry about that, that was clearing old registrations to allow you to register now at the new price

2) If you choose not to apply for a refund and have already paid in full an option exists to select free fees and explain this is the reason why.

3) this is an unusual year and our systems and processes will be tested. It is a very short time frame between setting pricing and seasons starting so I ask you to be;

Organised and do it ASAP so our volunteers and coaches can get organised


Patient if your situation is a little unusual – we don’t have a staffed help desk or anything like that, so try and read information online first and if you comment on this news article with a question we can probably answer it for all.

Last of all please support our club sponsors they need your business

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