Mick Philp Steps Down


A club legend who joined the club as a teenager in 1998 has decided to step down from his role has the Men’s State League First Team coach.

Mick’s influence on CUFC is undeniable, winning championships as a player 1999 and a coach 2016, production of the club’s first-ever polo, to bring his daughter to post-game club events aged 6 days. The Philp family is ingrained in club culture, and Mick has at CUFC for 18 seasons. We say a massive thank you to Mick for the time he has put in, and thank you to his family for their support Yasmin, Alice and Emily are all an ongoing part of the Curtin family. During the conversation confirming his decision, he used the phrase " I feel I am leaving the role not the club." so expect to see him around

Mick will be at the WNPL game this Friday night where we can thank him formally.

Reasons around his decision are related to owning a business, having a young family including coaching his daughters under 8s team and these are becoming conflicted with the pressures and time commitments of the role and the standards he set himself and the team.

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