2016 men's state league coaching team


The club is pleased to announce the state league coaching team for 2016. First and reserves teams will be coached by Campbell Ballantyne, Dan Jones and Greg Richardson.

Campbell and Dan are both well known to the club a coached the first team together from 2012-2014, leading the team to a league title in 2013. Greg is new to the club and joins Curtin after 4 years as senior coach at Bunbury United. He was with the club 26 years and in his last 4 years as senior coach won 3 league titles and 3 cups in the south west competition.

The under 18s will be coached by Curtin’s 2015 under 16 coach Jim Harding and the coaching team is finalised by goal keeping coaches Simon Ward and Dave Whalley.

The coaching group are getting together next Sunday afternoon to work on a club wide preseason which will be announced shortly afterwards.