Info - Visiting Teams to Edinburgh Oval

Special Notice 6th August 2017

This Sunday 6th August is University Open Day from 10am-4pm.

We are expecting thousands of visitors on campus, with last year's event attracting around 23,000. Parking will be super busy but you still have to obey the rules. It is all free on weekends though


The Canteen is also in the club rooms at building 107, shown on the map:

Change Rooms

Changing rooms are available at building 107 as well as a unisex public toilet. These home and away change rooms are used by many teams throughout the day and change form being a male to a female facility depending on kick off times. The change rooms have internal dividers and you may be asked to share with another club, but we do all we can to avoid it being the team you are playing against. As a result please don;t leave valuables inside and please keep any equipment left inside neat.

There is a unisex disabled toilet open to the public at all times.


Water bottles can be refilled an either the drinks fountain near ladies toilet, external tap on Dumas road of the club house, a drink fountain and tap under the trees near the bike path at the south end of Pitch A and a drinks fountain inside the stadium


Best Parking in car park B12, with additional parking in A3, see map below. Check signage for rules, but their is ample free parking on campus on the weekends. Please do not park on any grassed area - any fines issued are not done so by the club. On Sundays there will be church services inside Curtin Stadium. As a result, A3 and B12 are likely to fill up however with 7000 bays on campus plenty will be available. Please use the overflow areas rather than parking on roads or verges as tickets may be issued.

On Sunday mornings a church service also runs inside curtin stadium so parking can be very busy - unfortunately rules still apply but you may have a short walk.


See map below for a layout of pitches.


Ladies and gents toilets and team change rooms are available in building 107, additional toilets are available inside Curtin Stadium. A

In case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency or an ambulance being called, please find a ground Marshal ASAP. Curtin Campus Security will escort the Ambulance to the pitch and security staff. Security can be contacted on 9266 4444.

Do you need your alternate strip?

In 2017 nearly all Curtin teams will play at home in orange, occasionally a team may play in green if this is a problem please get in touch or bring your alternate just in case.