Juniors U5-7's MiniRoos 'Kick-Off'

About Miniroos Kick-Off

NEW! Curtin Football's MiniRoos 'Kick-Off' was recently featured on Football West's "Football 360" program! Watch the video below (youtube link):

Curtin Football is a registered FFA MiniRoos 'Kickoff' Centre. MiniRoos uses short, game-based sessions to introduce football to newcomers in a fun and inclusive way.

We create an environment that is fun, engaging, and inclusive and focuses on enjoyment rather than results. It should be no surprise to parents that the more fun their child has, the more likely they are to continue playing.

Who is it for?
  • Boys and girls born in 2009-2011
  • Children that want to play football in a fun, team environment.
What does it look like?
  • Team-based games of 4v4 on a small pitch
  • Modified rules to promote inclusiveness, engagement and technical ability

Curtin's MiniRoos 'Kick-Off' Program:

  • When:
    • Training: 4:30pm - 5:30pm Wednesdays during school term
    • Games: 8:30am - 9:30am Sunday mornings during school term
  • Where: Raphael Park, Gloucester Street, Victoria Park WA google map
  • Duration: Runs with school terms 2 and 3 with a break during school holidays
  • Cost: $150 and includes:
    • All game and sessions,
    • MiniRoos 'KickOff' Participant Pack (see below)
    • A voucher for Curtin Football club shorts and socks
More details about membership here.IMPORTANT: Due to the young age of MiniRoos players, parents are required to be present during sessions, or nominate a fellow parent that will be present. Our volunteers are unpaid and give their time freely for our club and community. Your assistance in setting up/packing up (usually no more than 5 minutes) is greatly required and appreciated.
How to Join/Register/Enrol:
What do you receive?
  • When you register, your child receives our great MiniRoos 'KickOff' Pack including drink bottle, lunch box, drawstring bag and their very own ball!
What to wear (uniform):
  • Any t-shirt - Club playing shirts and bibs will be provided for Sunday Game Day.
  • Black Curtin Football club shorts (see voucher information below)
  • Orange Curtin Football club socks (see voucher information below)
  • Shin Pads - to be purchased by parents and required for player safety
  • Sports Shoes - boots are optional at this age
Voucher InformationOnce your child has been registered and paid you will be emailed a voucher that will cover the costs of Curtin club shorts and socks. Please read our Vouchers & Uniforms page for more information.
What to bring:
  • Drink bottle
  • Sunscreen

Questions & Answers

  • Q: "Why do the kids get a voucher this year and not last year?"
  • A: This year, Football West reduced the cost to register a MKO player. It was decided that these funds should be channelled toward providing the players with socks and shorts, following feedback from parents that this would be consistent with the older kids and make the kids feel more like part of Curtin Football club.
  • Q: "Why is my voucher format different to kids in Under 8's and up?"
  • A: Unlike the older kids, Under 5-7's are not allocated an FFA number, meaning their voucher code takes the format of their date of birth, in the 8-digit format: DDMMYYYY e.g. 26012000
  • Q: "Do the kids wear an orange playing shirt?"
  • A: Yes, following feedback from parents that kids would feel more like they are part of the club, orange shirts will be loaned to kids for them to wear on Sunday 'Game Day'. Shirts will be handed out in week 2-3 and you will be required to be signed up to Curtin Football Team App to record your details for the shirt's return at the end of the season.
  • Questions about Vouchers & Uniform?
  • Our Vouchers & Uniforms page has all the information you need

Additional Questions?

Post a question on our Under 5-7's (MiniRoos 'KickOff') Chat Room.

About CUFC

Curtin University Football Club is a community club affiliated with the university, we provide football (soccer) to residents of the local community. You do not need any affiliation with Curtin University to join us.

Although football in WA does not have formal geographical catchment areas we are close by for residents of Burswood, South Perth, Como, Manning, Salter Point, Karawara, Wilson, Bentley, East Vic Park, Victoria Park, Kewdale, Shelley, Riverton, Ferndale, Cannington, Beckenham, Willetton.


If you have any further questions, after reading the above, please contact our volunteer coordinators

EMAIL: u5-7s@curtinfootball.com (Chas & Kristian)

CHAT: Under 5-7's (MiniRoos 'KickOff') Chat Room (quickest response)