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Club Uniform

Playing Shirts

Playing shirts belong to the club and are loaned to players.

Team managers will supply players with their shirt at the start of the season or before each match.

Shirts must be returned to team managers in good condition.

Other Uniform Requirements

Your fees include a voucher that will pay for your uniform requirements according to age:


Follow these steps ...

STEP 1. Register & Pay

Haven't registered and paid? Click here for Registration Instructions.

Credit Card payment clears immediately. EFT transfer can take up to 1 week extra to process.

STEP 2. Registration APPROVAL

Only after your payment has cleared, you will receive a 'Registration Approved' email - see examples below. You must receive this email before proceeding: Not received it? See 'Questions & Answers' section below.

Not received your 'Registration Approved' email? See 'Questions & Answers' section below.

STEP 3. Receive Your Voucher

Once your registration has been confirmed, the following Monday a gift voucher will be sent to the email address you used to register - see example below:

Not received your voucher? See 'Questions & Answers' section below.

STEP 4. Order Your Uniform

The first time you use your voucher, you will need to create a ClubStore account. IMPORTANT: Your Clubstore email address MUST match your registration email exactly to access your voucher.

Already have your uniform from last year? Use the voucher to get something else.

Please note: Vouchers expire at 31 December of each year.

Order your uniform now at or click on the image below:


Delivery dates and methods are listed on our Club Store.


"My voucher hasn't arrived"

1. Check your 'Junk Mail' folder by searching for "Club Store voucher".

2. Did you definitely receive this Registration Approval email?

  • Yes, got the email. Vouchers are sent every Monday after your registration has been approved. If it has been more than 1 week, your voucher email was most likely blocked. Check this Current Player Vouchers Issued -2018 list. IF you're on it
    • For MiniRoos 'KickOff' (Under 5-7's): Note that 'Summer' Term 1 & 2 do not receive a voucher as no uniform is required. For 'Winter' Term 2 & 3, Your voucher code is the player's date of birth as 8 digits/figures e.g. 19th June 2001 would be: 19062001. Go to our Club Store to order.
    • For Under 8's and older, incl. Senior Players: Your voucher code is the player's 8-digit FFA number from your registration email. Go to our Club Store to order.
  • No, haven't received a Registration Approval email. This means your registration has not been approved, Find your registration type in the list below:
    • 'Discount Fees Volunteer' registration - have you completed all steps under the Volunteer/Helper Discount section, including nominating your volunteer activity/activities. If you have, please contact your Age Group Coordinator.
    • 'KidSport' registration - please contact the council where your lodged your application to confirm your validation number and email it through to
    • Full Fees registration - please check that have you paid your registration e.g. if you nominated for 'Bank Transfer EFT Payment' ensure that you have transferred the funds and included your/your child's FFA number in the description. EFT payments can take 1 week to clear. As vouchers are only sent every Monday, it may take up to 2 weeks to process your payment and issue your voucher.

I get a "Coupon .... does not belong to you" error

This is caused when the email address you use in Clubstore doesn't match your Registration email address. Please use your registration email address (step 2 above) when you create your ClubStore account/billing details.

"My voucher from last year doesn't work?"

All vouchers are only valid in the same year they are issued.

"Can I return an item?"

The conditions process for returns is as follows:

  • Items can only be returned in 'as new' condition and cannot include personalisation, name or initials
  • Reply to your original order email with your return request. On approval you will provided with a Return Authority Number and timeframe for processing.
  • Print out your original order email and include your Return Authority Number.
  • Post your item and print out to: Curtin Football Club Store, PO Box 277, Burswood WA 6100.

For follow up queries, please reply to your 'Order Confirmation' email at


General enquiries with Vouchers, Uniforms and Registrations can be posted here: Registration and Voucher Chat Room. Please read the above carefully as most responses to your questions will direct you to this page for more information!

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