Vouchers & Uniforms

Read the information below carefully to find out how to get your club uniform and voucher.

Club Uniform

Playing Shirts

Other Uniform Requirements

Uniform requirements vary according to age group. See the table below:


Please follow these steps ...

1. Register & Pay

Full registration instructions here. Note: Credit Card is fastest as payment clears immediately. EFT/Bank Transfer requires our volunteers to check payment has cleared and takes up to 1 week extra.

2. Registration APPROVAL

Once your payment has cleared, you will receive a 'Registration Approved' email - see images below for MyFootballClub and MiniRoos KickOff emails. This confirmed your registration is active and you are cleared to play. You must receive this email before proceeding.

3. Receive Your Voucher

The following week a gift voucher will be emailed to the email address you used to register. This will cover most/all of the costs of your uniform. Check your 'Junk Mail' folder.

4. Order Your Uniform

The first time you use your voucher, you will need to create a ClubStore account. IMPORTANT: Your Clubstore email address MUST match your registration email exactly to access your voucher.

If you already have your uniform from previous years, the voucher can be used on any other store items you prefer. Note: Vouchers expire at 31 December of each year.


Orders received before 9am on Wednesday can usually be collected Thursdays at 5pm from our Raphael Park Storeroom.

Shorts and socks are usually kept in stock and delivered the week they are ordered. Stock for other items e.g. t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets and merchandise can vary and may take up to 4 weeks. You will be emailed once your item has been packed and dispatched for collection. The paperwork received with your order will note any items that are on 'backorder'. You will be emailed later to advise once they have been dispatched (approx. 3-4 weeks).


"My voucher hasn't arrived"

Did you receive your Registration Approval email (in step 2, above)?

  • "Yes, I have definitely received this email" (above). In that case, your voucher email was most likely blocked. To check your to see if your voucher has been emailed as follows:
    • For MiniRoos 'KickOff' (Under 5-7's): It is just the player's 8-digit date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY e.g. for 25th May 2001 the voucher code would be: 25052001 Always use two digits e.g. 05, not 5.
    • For Under 8's to Senior Players: It is the player's 8-digit FFA number from your registration email.
    • If your voucher code is on this Current Player Vouchers Issued list, login to our Club Store, place your order and enter your Voucher in the 'Coupon Code' box at checkout. Note: you will need to create a ClubStore account using the same email address from your registration or your voucher will not work.
    • If your voucher is not on the list, go to the next step (below).
  • "No, I haven't received a Registration Approval email" - Your registration has not been approved! Read below according to your registration type:
    • 'Discount Fees Volunteer' registration - have you completed all steps under the Volunteer/Helper Discount section, including nominating your volunteer activity/activities. If you have, please contact your Age Group Coordinator.
    • 'KidSport' registration - please contact the council where your lodged your application to confirm your validation number and email it through to treasurer@curtinfootball.com
    • Full Fees registration - please check that have you paid your registration e.g. if you nominated for 'Bank Transfer EFT Payment' ensure that you have transferred the funds and included your/your child's FFA number in the description.

I get a "Coupon .... does not belong to you" error

This is caused when the email address you use in Clubstore doesn't match your Registration email address. Please use your registration email address (step 2 above) when you create your ClubStore account/billing details.

"My voucher from last year doesn't work?"

All vouchers are only valid in the same year they are issued.

"I need to return an item"

Returns for incorrect sizing can be exchanged as follows:

  • Items must be returned in 'as new' condition
  • Returned items must include your paperwork/order email and include a note confirming exchange requested
  • Please deliver to our equipment volunteers who are in attendance every Thursday from 5pm at our Raphael Park Storeroom
  • Your returns should be processed for collection within 1-2 weeks. For follow up queries, please reply to your 'Order Confirmation' email with your order details.


General enquiries with Vouchers, Uniforms and Registrations can be posted here: Registration and Voucher Chat Room. Please read the above carefully as most responses to your questions will direct you to this page for more information!

Club Store

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