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Sponsorship Manager

Job Description

We are looking for a person to work part time in what is a commission only role. The role will be to regularly contact local business and present sponsorship options to them and then ensure we are honouring them by marketing the businesses as agreed to our membership.

As well as selling sponsorship packages this role would also look to collect times for auction at things like quiz nights and sell our clubhouse sponsor raffle each year.


Up to $100 / month vehicle and phone allowance - report of calls and meetings needs to be presented.

30% of all new sponsorships

15% on all renewals.

Uncapped earnings


Business to business sales experience, good diary management for follow up. Time to visit local business when it suits them - when they are open but quiet. You will also need to be tech savy as most of our marketing to members is done through electronic means.


Job Description

We are looking for a person to take on the admin task of processing our registrations duties include;

  • following up on payments and vouchers such as kid sports
  • communication with coaches and coordinators about who is registered and eligible to play
  • management of our online system myfootballclub including cross referencing of bank accounts / payments to approve registrations.

Work will range from a few hours a week through Jan and Feb, be fairly intensive (up to 15 hours a week) in March and early April and drop off in May.


The club is offering an honorarium payment of $1000 which includes an allowance for phone calls and internet


Good admin skills, access to a pc and internet, abilty to occasionally atend either junior or senior training to chase up players and communicate with coaches

Training Night food & beverage attendent

Date Posted Feb 2018
Job Description
Multiple roles to share the work load
We are looking to be open for food and beverage post training on
Tuesday 7:45 - 930
Wednesday 7:45 - 9:00
Thursday 7:45 - 9:00

The role is to sell drinks from our already stocked fridge and provide hot food for sale. The hot food can rotate and is up to you to prepare. We have banquet fry pans, slow cookers, bbq and pizza makers. Suggested items pasta's curry and rice, bbq and salad. If you wished you could cook at home and bring in to heat up. Following the night you would be required to clean up food if drinks sells continued coaches and managers could take it from there.

Kitchen facilities will improve soon as we have gain a grant to upgrade some.

Reward 10 shifts in the season will get you free playing full fees. 4 will fulfill your helper discount. More than 10 paid at $30 cash per night
Requirements. Reliability, knowledge to not give us food poisoning and over 18

Men's Sate League Set Up crew

Date Posted Feb 2018

Job Description

3 roles for set up and management of our state league team.

1 - first team manager team sheet and kit management and washing at all first team games as well as pitch management and ground marshaling at home games. - Estimated 3 hours a week usually Saturday 2pm-5pm

2&3 - Home game ground managers. Role is set up and pack up of the field, set up of separator areas, manage our new sponsors & VIP area where drinks and food are handed around utilise mobile food and beverage facilities to increase sales. You will also help run the canteen, act as ground marshals, set up and pack up pitches run club promo activities such as setting up inflatable pitch for kids coordinate ball kids from junior teams

Both roles about 5-6 hours per fortnight. Home games only

must be over 18


Free playing fees and $20 F&B voucher for each home game.


1. Reliability

2. Ability to follow instructions.

3.Willingness to grow the club


Date Posted June

Job Description

Be the principal contact and match day organiser for our junior carnival to be held in March 2017. Can be up to 3 people


This is likely to come with free fees as it will be a fundraiser over $1000, which attracts free fees


Good forward planning and organisational skills available all day on the day of the carnival


Date Posted July 2016

Job Description

Coordination of ground bookings at Raphael Park through the Council and being the go to person for all access esquires at out Raphael Park facility.


Negotiable, but this role is not very time consuming


Regular access to email and phone, living close to the ground and possibly holding a spare key at home would be advantageous but not essential


Date Posted March 2016

Job Description

Clean the Edinburgh oval Club House and re stock fridges


$50 per clean, regardless of how dirty it is when you get there, sometimes you get lucky and its easy.


Flexibility in being able to attend shortly before key events.

Schools marketing team

Date Posted March 2016

Job Description

Go to all our local schools and hand out flyers to kids to boost our numbers


$10 per successful tracked registration - (this is still subject to committee approval at next meeting)


Working with children check, ethusiam time to get to schools in school hours


Also in 2016 we have a number of newly created roles to reduce the work load on our stretched group of volunteers If you can join one of our sub committees please complete this form AND speak to any current committee member.

  • social sub committee (senior and junior)
  • Marketing sub committee - ideally we have 1 representative for each school in the area as well as a couple of university students
  • Equipment sub committee
  • Grants and sponsorship sub committee
  • Fund Raising sub committee
  • Junior Carnival Sub Committee

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