Info - Communications


We use the TeamApp online service for communications. The service offers members a password protected club portal accessible via a website and smartphone apps.

All players (seniors) and parents/carers (juniors) need to sign up for a FREE TeamApp account and join our club using the smartphone app or website.

Once joined you need to subscribe to the applicable access groups, for example "Parents - xxx", "Team - xxx", "Metro Men Div 5", etc.

Existing members can update their access groups via the website or app at any time.


  1. Download TeamApp
  2. Sign in or create a new TeamApp account. Please create as a parent, not child player.
  3. Search for "Curtin Uni Football Club" and join our teamapp.
  4. Select all relevant access groups, eg "Parents - U7s MiniRoos", "Parents - U10s", etc.
  5. Check that notifications are enabled under 'Settings'.

TeamApp Account Sign-up (WEB)

  1. Visit (best on a computer/tablet) or install the smartphone app.
  2. Tap/click "SIGN UP" > "SIGN UP TO USE TEAM APP".
  3. Complete the form and "SUBMIT".
  4. Check your email and confirm your address.
  5. "LOG IN" and search for "Curtin University Football Club".
  6. Click "JOIN" (website) or "Become a member of this team" (app).
  7. Choose your applicable access groups, eg "Parents - xxx", "Team - xxx".
  8. Click "JOIN" (website) or "Continue" (app).

TeamApp Access Groups

To get the right information you need to join the correct access groups!

A junior player's parents/carers should include their player's full name in the access request to assist the committee to approve quickly.

For example, parents/carers of an U10 player should join:

  • "Parents - U8-11s" (for club info)
  • "Team - U10 Olyroos" (for team info) - teams available close to game 1

Updating via SMARTPHONE APP (latest version):

Open TeamApp (Curtin) > Sign In (if required) > Settings > Access Groups > choose your groups > Update.

Updating via WEBSITE:

Visit > Sign In (if required) > Membership > choose your groups > Update.


Once you've signed up, you will receive relevant club/team notices via smartphone app notifications or email (sometimes both). You can choose to enable or disable email and notifications in your account settings.

Email - unsubscribe/Re-subscribe

To change your email preferences visit:

Update your email IN TEAMAPP

Please use the same email address for your teamapp and FFA/myfootballclub accounts.

Updating via WEBSITE:

Visit > Sign In (if required) > username (top right) > Edit account > change your email/details > Save.

Social Media

Although we primarily use our TeamApp website and app, you can also find us on: