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Question Answer
How much? scroll down this page for a pricing table
Can i use a kidsport voucher? yes, give it to our registra and you will be given a promo code to obtain the discount
In previous years uniform vouchers have been issued, is this happening in 2019? No, the system has been been abandoned as it was labour intensive and time consuming. You now need to order your uniform or playing kit and pay via credit card.
How do i obtain seniors volunteer discount? Complete this sign up form and within a few days you will be sent a promo code to apply to your registration
Do I need to register before coming to my first training? No, feel free to come down and try us out and ask some questions.
Where or when is training. We run over 30 teams based on age gender and ability. click "more" in the top right of the screen and each page starting with "teams" will give you the info you need.
How can i talk to someone or get help? From Tuesday 12th Feb our club registra will be at raphael park on Tuesdays from 5-530 and able to help or take questions.


Contact the play football Support desk or Telephone: 02 8880 7983 Hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 9pm Saturday 10am - 3pm

Post a question in our Registration Questions Chat Room

the club does not have a staffed phone, but some other email addresses can be found in our directory
I do more than one role do i need to register for them all? Yes please register for each job you do.
I am state league player on the registration filters no products exist for state. what do i do? Change it to community. FFA intended this to be playing for your State not State league - we have passed on feedback as to how confusing this is for customers but changing it is out of our control.


Age groups are based on player age at 1st January 2019

Membership Type Package Fees to be paid
Under 4-7s In house 4-a-side mini football - Mini roos Full Fees $175
Includes terms 2 and 3 Kidsport $25 + providing your voucher
Under 8s-12s Home and Away Football - Miniroos Full fees $275
Kidsport* $125 + providing your voucher
Juniors U13-18's Home and Away Football - Full pitch Full fees $375
Kidsport* $225 + providing your voucher
Senior (19 & Older) Full fees $395
To be eligible for Volunteer pricing you must complete this sign up sheet before you will be approved Volunteer^ $275^
Extension Programs.

Non-Playing Member (incl. voting rights) - $50
Social Member (non-voting) - $16

Please note:

  • The Club runs various extension programs such as Junior Futsal, Let's Play Saturday a summer program and Jumpers for goal posts. These are all priced separately, The above are prices for playing memberships for 2019 winter season
  • Fees exclude credit card transaction fees and are subject change by the committee at anytime.


  • The club has minimum uniform requirements that can be bought through our online store. You initial uniform requirements are not included in your registration cost and must be purchase separately using a credit card on our online store.
  • More info about required uniform required for your playing grade and age group and the club store is available here.
  • Direct link to our online club store:




Club contacts and directory available here. however all of our admin people are volunteers please be patient if waiting for an answer