Programs - Walking Football


  • It is low-impact, team-based exercise, utilising the defined 'Walking Football Rules and Formats' specifically non-contact with the players 'alway having one foot on the ground'.
  • Matches are played with modified formats (5v5/6v6) on smaller pitches with shortened game times
  • Walking Football aims to provide participants physical & mental health benefits, social connectedness and promotion of the benefits of ongoing physical activity.

Free Come and Try Days

  • AGE: All ages the oldest we have heard of is 87
  • TIMES / Dates:
    • Saturday 17th August 1pm
    • Saturday 31st August 1pm
    • Saturday 7th September 4pm
  • Other info
    • Come and try days are played on outdoor courts - no studs allowed, only court shoes / sneakers
    • Stay after your game to enjoy food and beverage and watch out state league team in action. Each trial day starts 2 hours before kick off.

Weekly Program

  • AGE: All ages but designed for over 50s
  • TIMES: Tuesdays between 6:30-7:30pm
  • DATES: 15 week program from 10th September - 17th December
  • Costs
    • Option A - Season pass - 15 weeks for $99.95
    • Option B - Walking Football Member - $44.95 joining fee and $5 per game. Joining fee includes insurance for remainder of 2019 and a club T Shirt
    • Option C - Guest pass - $10 per game (max of 4 before insurance must be purchased)
  • REGISTRATION and more information
    • FROM WEBSITE: Click here

Other info

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Please note, even with reduced speed, minimal impact and positive health benefits for most in Walking Football, we urge people considering participating with serious health issues or previous injuries to consult their physician to seek medical clearance before playing.