Info - Venues

Both our venues are excellent facilities with 100 lux lights and multiple pitches.

Edinburgh Oval (on campus)

Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley WA 6102

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Used for seniors home ground, senior training, junior carnival and juniors Saturday morning program.

Club house is building 107 - Adjacent to the entry to Curtin Stadium.

Pitch layout map

Pitch Setup Guide

More info for visitors to Edinburgh Oval available here.

Raphael Park

Gloucester Street, Victoria Park WA 6100

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Used for junior home ground, junior training and some senior training.

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Training Pitch Map

Our clubroom at the corner of Gloucester St and and Armagh St has the following facilities:

  • canteen
  • toilets, including wheelchair toilet
  • home and visiting team change rooms with showers
  • drinking fountains and bottle refill

Parking is available around the oval and in the car park on Gloucester St.