Kids MiniRoos 'Kick-Off'

from 5:00pm Wed, 17 Oct 2018
to 6:00pm Wed, 19 Dec 2018

by Johnathan Johnston
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Time zone: Perth
Reminder: 7:00pm Tue 16 Oct 2018
Ends: 6:00pm Wednesday 19 December 2018 (duration is 2 months)

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Curtin’s well-renowned MiniRoos ‘Kick-Off’ program uses short, game-based sessions to introduce football to newcomers in a fun and inclusive way. We create an environment that is stimulating and inclusive with a focuses on enjoyment.

AGE: Boys & Girls aged 4-7 years

TIMES: Wednesdays between 5:00-6:00pm

FORMAT: Short skills and game sessions, follow by a game.

BRING: Sports clothing (bibs will be provided), normal runners or boots, shin pads (required), drink bottle.

VENUE: Raphael Park, Gloucester Street, Victoria Park WA 6100

REGISTRATION: New kids can join any time (price is same)

QUESTIONS: Post questions in the ‘Comments’ section. You will need to join Curtin Football TeamApp – see instructions here:


Raphael Park, Gloucester Street, Victoria Park WA 6100

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