KISS Sunday Session

Sun, 2 Jun 2019
from 4:00pm to 10:00pm

by Campbell BALLANTYNE
Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago by Campbell BALLANTYNE
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Time zone: Perth
Reminder: None
Ends: 10:00pm (duration is about 6 hours)

Ticket sales for this event ended at 10:00 PM, 02 June 2019

A post-game Sunday session on the long weekend thanks to our sponsor. Are we going to Kiss? definitely, we are keeping it simple stupid. No theme, no complicated prizes, no incentives just hang out with your club mates, get great value and enjoy our sponsor’s tasty treats. If you are after the other kind of kiss we can put that down as a maybe if you find or bring a special friend.

Tickets $10 which includes
light nibbles and bar tab donated to a value of $1000 (no not each)


The event starts at 4pm will I miss out if I am playing at 3?? No at least 75% of the value will be held back until 530 to allow players in 3 pm games to make it. What if we sell so many tickets it’s not worth it?? Ticketed access to tab capped at 60 people – value is guaranteed, if only 20 people buy value will be rock n roll

It’s sold out can I still come?? If you miss a ticket you are still welcome to attend its just buy from the bar they are open as normal

It’s really simple, just pre-buy your ticket for value and come along after your game.


Varsity bar waterford

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