Curtin Academy SAP Term 2 (May 2019)


Dear Parents,

Curtin Academy SAP Term 2 (May 2019)

As we are approaching the final weeks of SAP training for our 2018 program by a way of preliminary notice I would like to invite you all to re-enrol your child for our term 2 SAP which is due to commence in May 2019.

Although for the purpose of maximising the benefits for your child, we give preferential treatment to our existing players of CUFC Football Academy, we would also envisage to publically advertising the program across Perth Metro Area in April 2019 and expect the program will be oversubscribed.

The players who are re- registering also will qualify to receive our Curtin Academy jersey valued at $55 (our cost price) absolutely free!

In order to qualify you MUST:

1. Re-register your child by 19/3/2019

All children who are re-enrolled will receive the Academy Training Jersey.However for personalising the Curtin Academy Jersey you must make sure to:

2. Provide a simple feedback/review of your/your child’s experience training with CUFC Academy in our main Chat Group Curtin Academy Q&A on or before 19/3/2019.

3. Nominate a :
a. Player’s Name to be printed on the back of the jersey and
b. Preferred Player Number
c. on or before 19/3/2019.

This is a limited offer and the Player Numbers in each age group are reserved based on first come first served (no exception) so to beat the rush please re-register ASAP.

The registration is open for those members who wish to re-enrol now care of the link below:

Hope to see you all back again soon.

Best regards,


Payam Golestani
(Vice President)
Curtin Academy Coordinator

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