Man U v Glory Parade & Free Passes to the Match


For those of you who are contemplating to go to Man U v Glory match you would be interested to know that presently our club is in communication with the event coordinators with a view to enter all our junior teams along with coaches in the parade, which means they will receive a free pass to the match.

Family and friends of participants who may wish to watch the Parade and the game that follows, will be able to purchase limited number of tickets which are now available for purchase via the dedicated link below at the special prices. (strictly for CUFC members only)

There are still tickets as low as $15,
But you will need to hurry!

All participants, accompanying adults who purchased their tickets via this link will be seated together in a general admission (unreserved) area on Level 5 of Optus Stadium.

You are encouraged to purchase your tickets if you have not already done so to attend and cheer on our Parade participants.

Whilst we are hopeful that we can secure as many free passes for the parade participants particularly for all our junior teams we can not however provide any guarantees as to the final numbers at this time as these details have not yet been finalised.

To get a better indication of numbers we have create a special event in Team App and request all those junior players who are interested to take part in the parade to register their interest to ensure you receive a free pass to the game.

All future details of the event will be announced to our members in the magazine and via Team App.

Please make sure that you enable the notification on Team App so you won’t miss out.

Warm regards

Payam Golestani
Vice President

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