Teams - Metro League Men

Curtin's Metropolitan League teams are suitable for all players looking for a competitive but slightly more relaxed, social atmosphere. Training is only once a week and games allow full interchange (everyone can expect plenty of game time).


Simply come along to a training session and join in! You don't need to let us know in advance. Just turn up, introduce yourself and enjoy the football. Information about the registration process and fees is on our website and can also be discussed in person at training.


Pre Season Training: Wednesday nights 6:30pm to 8:30pm starting 30th January 2019 at Edinburgh Oval (Curtin University).

Thursday nights starting 8th February 7:30pm to 9:30pm, Edinburgh Oval (Curtin University).

Venues and Map info

Note Metros are all once a week training teams, we have teams that train Wednesday's and a Team that trains Thursdays. If you are looking for our men's teams that train twice a week these are our State League and Sunday League teams

Games: All games are on Sundays. Kick-off times TBC.

Our teams - pick the one that suits you. North means they play in a league with all away games north of river, south means away games will be south. The club will manage the teams slighty, however at metro level we can mange people who want to play with mates, want north or south or can only train on a particular nights.

Division Training day Training venue Coach(s) Committee Rep(s)
North Div 3 Wednesday 6:30pm On Campus James K / Dennis O Kohby
North Div 5 Wednesday 6:30pm On Campus Jack H / Daniel F / Luke C Kohby
South Div 1 Wednesday 6:30pm On Campus Ryan W / Rhys C / Matthew R Kohby
South Div 2 Thursday 7:30pm On Campus Ben K / Michael R Kohby

Uniform/Dress Code

Your registration does not include shorts, socks, match day shirt and your own training bib and these items need to be purchased separately . This ensures we look like a team, before and after the game. Details below: You can order your gear immediately from our online store allow 1-2 weeks for it to arrive.

Get Started

Need to ask a question? Want to get information about training, games and team selection and find out about club events? Get the Curtin Football Team App with instructions on New Players page. If you need help, just come to training and ask a fellow player etc. This page also has information about fees and registration.


You can register after you first attend training and speak with your coach.

Before playing in your first match, you need to be registered, paid and approved


Once you have signed up for TeamApp you can post a message and get a quick answer in our chat rooms. Otherwise email to contact the CUFC Metros committee rep (Kohby Coleman).